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Putting The Needle To Tommy Thompson

Tommy Thompson will face Prentice Ingram on June 2nd at Ring Of fire 43 Bad Blood. I got him to spend a few minutes and give us a look into his mind a couple weeks before the fight.
How did you get into mma?
Bought a Tapout shirt and instantly knew how to fight.
What is your favorite submission?
Apparently mount…. if you ever saw my first pro fight…
Do you prefer to keep a fight on your feet or on the mat?
I decide that mid-fight. Wherever I’m more likely to finish.
What does it mean to you to be a professional fighter?
Ummm…. I no longer do all this shit for free! No honestly – being a pro fighter is different to everyone. Some people just want to be able to make a business card that says pro fighter even though they have a record of like 2-9 and don’t know what a treadmill is. I dedicated my life to improving as a fighter, and I aspire to have the knowledge and experience of guys like Alvin Robinson, Duane Ludwig, my team mate Ryan Martinez, and the countless other guys that I look up to in this sport. Number one being my trainer Adam Martinez. I have a long ways to go both mentally and physically but the progress that I expect from myself represents what it means to be a pro fighter. I take it very seriously.
What separates you from the rest of the fighters in your division?
 I open mouth kissed a horse once.
Who is your favorite fighter in mma? 
Ricky Johnson, Nick Laney, Ryan Martinez, Rory O’Farrell
If you could have a dream fight with any UFC Pro who would it be against?
 Wow – good question… I guess at this moment I would say Leonard Garcia or Korean Zombie.
Going into your fight against Prentice Ingram, many people considered you a heavy favorite. Do you feel less or more pressure when going into a fight as the favorite? 
I think it depends who you ask as to whether I’m a favorite or not… I consider all of my opponents very tough and give them the utmost credit until we get in the cage and then I try to kill them. So it’s all the same to me.
What team are you training with for Ring Of Fire 43 Bad Blood?
I’m training at my home, Infinite MMA as always… but I’d like to throw out a thank you to Factory X and all the fighters there as well. And look for Chris Holland to upset Baroni baby. 
Have you done anything different to prepare for this fight knowing that Prentice is a submission style fighter?
Nope. I train like he will be tough everywhere.
What holes do you see in Ingram’s game?
I knocked a man out with an armbar once. The moral of that story? I don’t know, I just thought it was a good story. Anywhoo… I expect opponents to patch holes between fights, so I’ll discover where he’s weak on June 2. 
What is the next move for Tommy Thompson’s mma career?
Whatever my coach tells me. 
At the end of your career what do you want your legacy to be?
For my family, wife, daughter and team to be proud of me. The rest doesn’t really concern me. 
And Finally, you have been a part of Ink’d Out from the beginning… Can we count on you to defend your win at our event in Brush on August 25th?
I have a special place in my heart for Ink’d Out. Guy Thompson is a generous person and I appreciate how he helps me continue progressing in the sport. As far as the 25th I can’t really say either way for a couple reasons… first is that I am under contract with the Ring of Fire for at least the next 2 fights. Also I have never made any plans for my career, I have faith in my coach Adam Martinez so pretty much everything runs through him. But when presented with the opportunity to help Ink’d Out I will always do what I can. 

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