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Adam Stroup Get’s Ink’d Out


1. Where do you train and who are your coaches and training partners?

 I train at factory x. My coaches are Marc Montoya, JJ Pugsley and Andres Hermida and my teammates are Chris Camozzi, Brian Camozzi, Chase Hackett, Nick Macias, Joe Warren, Marcus Edwards, Wes Tressel, Tony Miller, Randy Caruso, Bryant Craven, Aaron Trujillo, Randy Rowland, Chris Holland, Nicholi Navarro, Kelly Brown, Brittany Boone and Alexis Clinger. 

2. What motivated you to become a fighter?

I really enjoy the challenge of a fight.

3. What is your nickname?

No Nickname…

4. Knock’em out or Chokem’  out?

I want to knock’em out but I always end up choking ‘em out. 

5. How do you balance fighting with the rest of your life? family, work, spirituality…

I try to make time for my personal life but with work and fighting my days are busy.

6. What’s in your ipod when you are training for a fight?

Old school rap or metal 

7. What is your favorite non fight related pass time?

I like to watch Bronco games with my family, eat pizza, drink a lot of beer.

8.  Who is your inspiration?

My dad and my uncles. They instilled toughness and the fighting spirit in me.

9. Best post weigh-in meal?

I still eat pretty clean after the weigh in , but after the fight I eat a Philly cheese steak, a dozen wings and a big ass Coors light. 

10. What’s the best advice you can give your next opponent?

Bring it on.

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