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Josh Cavan Get’s Ink’d Out


1. Where do you train and who are your coaches and training partners?

I train in Parker at Otomi Martial arts with Thomas Denny and Team WIldman.

2. What motivated you to become a fighter?

Opportunity to make something of myself and not be normal. I was given empty promises three years in a row with minor league hockey. I came across Thomas Denny and Team Wildman one day at the gym and something told me to go talk to them. Two years later, here we are.


3. What is your nickname?

Good question. My brother Tyler gave me the name Iron Man after my first fight, then someone gave me “The Cubicle” one day at practice (which I hate that name) and lately people have been calling me Superman. I’m about to make it Josh “you won’t pronounce my last name right” Cavan.

4. Knock’em out or Chokem’  out?

Yes please. Whatever it takes to get my hand raised at the end of the night. 

5. How do you balance fighting with the rest of your life? family, work, spirituality…

MMA is a huge part of my life now. I still work full time and go straight to training afterwards, go home, recover, then back to training. I have a very good support system with my family, girlfriend and friends. It’s overwhelming how much they support me and understand when they don’t get to see me as much as they’d like (or as I’d like). After fights, I do my best to focus my time on spending as much time with them as possible.

6. What’s in your ipod when you are training for a fight?

A lot of variety, depends what I’m in the mood for but mainly heavy metal, dubstep and rap.

7. What is your favorite non fight related pass time?

I don’t have much down time at all. When I do, I’m usually napping, watching movies or playing video games because I’m beat up and sore from training. 

8.  Who is your inspiration?

My family. We have stuck together through everything. My mom and dad have always been so supportive of my brothers and I. I feel bad for them: I’m a fighter, my brother Sean is a pilot and my brother Tyler is a hockey player. They are always worrying about one of us. My brothers are always working so hard to achieve their goals, on days I don’t feel like training, I think of them and it gives me that extra push. 

9. Best post weigh-in meal?

Lots of water and a healthy meal. I still have a job to do.

10. What’s the best advice you can give your next opponent?


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