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Trevor’s Take On Ring Of Fire 43 Bad Blood



June 2nd 2012 from the 1st Bank Center in Broomfield Colorado Ring Of Fire MMA 43 Bad Blood.  One of the most anticipated fight cards of the year was everything it was expected to be. Sven Bean and Leister Bowling III put together an entire card of must see fights with plenty of Bad Blood. Beginning with the undercard which would have easily filled out the main card at many other promotions through the Main Event pitting The New York BaD Ass Phil Baroni vs Chris “The Hammer” Holland this was a top notch event.

The Undercard….

Jarred Deaguero vs Nate Torrez- Jarred Deaguero landed a solid right and landed a quick double leg takedown. Torrez worked hard from his guard but Deaguero moved to side control and then took Torrez’s back and submitted him with a RNC at 1:40 of the 1st Round.

Aaron Trujillo vs Tyson Grippen (Ink’d Out) – The fighters opened the round trading solid knees Grippen took Trujillo down and they reversed control several times with neither fighter gaining control. They move back to their feet and and trade combinations. The referee separates the fighters after an accidental low blow from Trujillo. After a brief recovery timeout the fighters restart and trade hard knees again. Trujillo grabs a standing Guillotine and pulls Grippen to the mat submitting him at 2:12 of the 1st Round.

Zach McChesney vs Bryce Thorstad – McChesney uses his reach advantage to land a couple shots from the outside before they go to the clinch against the cage. McChesney lands several more hard punches before they are separated and McChesney is warned for grabbing the cage. As they come back together McChesney lands a combination but Thorstad shoots and takes McChesney down and administers some strong GNP. McChesney scrambles back to his feet but is taken down by Thorstad again as the round ends. The 2nd round opens with both fighters trading hard combinations in the center of the cage. Thorstad lands a huge right hook that drops McChesney. Thorstad follows McChesney to the mat and gets the TKO (strikes) at :23 of the 2nd Round.

Zach Riley vs Toby Lopez – The fighters go right to the clinch with Lopez attempting a toss that Riley switches the momentum on and gains the takedown. Lopez sweeps Riley to gain control. Riley sinks a deep head triangle but Lopez escapes landing a couple hard pucnhes. Riley switches to an immediate armbar and submits Lopez at 1:34 of the 1st round. Riley showed very strong Jiu Jitsu I look forward to seeing what’s to come from this kid.

Henry Solis vs. Justin Willis- The fighters open the fight trading hard punches with Willis seeming to be doing the majority of the damage. Willis shoves Solis to the mat. Solis scrambles back to his feet and is rocked by a big right hand from Willis. Willis follows Solis to the mat and lands some very strong Hammer fists Solis recovers and reverses Willis eventually taking Willis’ back and raining some GNP of his own. The referee brings the fighters back to their feet and warns Solis for a blow to the back of Willis’ head. On the restart they work from the clinch trading shots until the round ends.  The second round starts with Willis attempting a takedown that is defended by Solis. They work back to the clinch. The fighters are separated again due to an accidental low blow from Solis. Willis takes his time to recover. On the restart Solis works Willis against the cage in the clinch and pays for it by taking a knee to the face from Willis on the way out. They go right back to the clinch and Solis lands a solid combination. Solis lands a couple leg kicks but is caught by a huge right that again drops Solis. Solis recovers quickly and reverses control ending up in side control and ends the fight with some monsterous GNP at 4:32 of the 2nd Round.

Mark Taylor vs Aaron Romero – The fighters met in the center of the cage and took their time measuring and feeling each other out. Taylor catches Romero’s leg and takes him down. Taylor works punched to Romero’s body and head. Taylor seems to not even try to improve his position in the very weak looking guard of Romero. Taylor moves to Romero’s half guard and works some strong GNP before Romero gets back to his guard as the round ends. The 2nd round the fighters being very cautious. Taylor attempts a takedown that is defended by Romero. They move back to the clinch and end up on the mat with Romero gaining control and working GNP until the round ends. The final round starts with the fighters trading shots from a distance until Taylor catches a Romero kick and drops him with a very solid right hand. Instead of following Romero to the mat to finish him off Taylor misses with a kick and get taken down by Romero. The fighters reverse control a few times until the fight ends and goes to the judges with Taylor winning a Split Decision.

The Main Card 

Leandro Veal vs Chad Wicks – Wicks makes his way to ring in pure WWE fashion with a prop priest and cheap rip off of the famous Undertaker hat and stare.

The fight starts with the fighters working from a distance. Veal wanting to use his reach and jab and Wicks changing levels looking for a takedown opportunity. Wicks has a shot turned away before shooting a double leg and taking Veal to his back. Wicks works some GNP but Veal easily moves back to his feet.  On their feet Veal charges and pins wicks against the cage landing a very hard knee to Wicks body. Veal steps away seeming confused with the exchange. Wicks recovers and moves forward with a combination of punches but gets caught but a huge shot from Veal that send him flying to the mat. Veal attacks and lands a quick flurry as the referee stops the fight. Veal wins by KO at 2:54 of the 1st Round.

Vinnie Lopez vs Mark Korzenowski

Korzenowski opens the round with a couple leg kicks as the fighters find their range.  Both fighters are very patient trying to find an opening. Lopez starts to find a rhythm slowly working combinations of kicks and jabs. Lopez misses with a huge head kick.  A very technical round by both fighters. Lopez looked to become a little anxious as the round closed. Lopez opens the second round with an enormous left hand that drops  Korzenowski. Lopez works from Korzenowski’s guard and eventually lets him back up.  Lopez remains calm and looks for an opening.  Lopezs  lands a right hook. The fight has turned cat and mouse with Lopez plotting his assaults.  Lopez catches a kick and lands a body shot. Korzenowski  attempts a head kick but it is ducked by Lopez who seemed to almost expect it. As the final round begins Lopez takes a thumb to the eye and the referee separates the fighters.  It’s apparent that Korzenowski knows he is down 2 rounds and is looking to finish the fight. Lopez trades combos . Korzenowski  begins to unload the arsenal but Lopez answers everything Korzenowski throws. Lopez has just missed with fight enders by an eighth of a second the entire fight… take that back Lopez ends the fight with a huge Left hand followed by GNP. Lopez wins by TKO at 3:41 of the 3rd round.

Prentice Ingram vs Tommy Thompson (Ink’d Out)

The fighters open the fight exchanging combo’s on their feet. Thompson takes the fight to the mat with a double leg but Ingram works into top position. Thompson attempts an a knee lock but Ingram escapes and moves back to his feet letting Thompson up as well. The 1st Round ends with the fighters trading hard strikes on their feet. The 2nd Round is spent on the mat in a technical chess match with Thompson attempting several submissions and Ingram countering. The round ends with Ingram getting a reversal and working GNP from back control.  The final round starts on their feet with the trading of leg kicks but quickly moves to the mat with Thompson controlling the majority of the action attempting submissions and working some GNP. Ingram just like in the previous round gets a reversal and goes to work just before the round ends. The fight goes to the judges and Tommy Thompson is announced the winner by Split Decision.  This was in my opinion the most technical fight on the mat that I have seen in a very long time. Great display of skill and patients from both fighters.

Marcus Edwards vs Justin Gaethje (155lbs Young Guns Belt)

It was obvious by the electricity in the crowd as the fighters were being announced that this was one of the fights the card had been named for. Both fighters paced back and forth like caged animals staring each other down as the ring announcer read the tale of the tape. The 1st Round opens with the fighters trading jabs from the outside but quickly going to the clinch. Gaethje gets two takedowns that Edwards almost immediately escapes from and goes right back to standing. Edward attempted a Superman punch but Gaethje caught him with a right hand on the way in that dropped Edwards to the mat. Edwards tried to escape but Gaethje controlled and worked some GNP before  the fighters a separated and brought to their feet because of a blow to the back of the head by Gaethje. After Edward recovers the fighters meet at the center of the cage and trade strong combos as the round ends. The 2nd Round starts on their feet trading punches. Edwards lands an accidental low blow and the fighters are separated and Gaethje takes a minute to recover before they are restarted. Gaethje again lands a shot that drops Edwards who quickly gets back to his feet. They spend the rest of the round on their  feet trading exchanges with Gaethje mixing in some leg kicks. The final round opens with Gaethje landing a accidental kick to Edwards groin. Gaethje crouches and apologizes to Edwards as the fighters are separated and Edwards recovers from the damaging shot. On the restart the fighters meet at center cage to trade combinations again. Gaethje moves behind Edwards on their feet and looks for a toss but Edwards blocks with a leg wrap. They spend the rest of the round on their feet trading hard shots. The final round ends and the fight goes to the judges. Gaethje is annouced the winner by Unanimous Decision.

Tyler Toner vs Cameron Dollar (145lbs Ring Of Fire Championship Belt)

The fight begins with the fighters exchanging shots from the outside. Toner lands a couple strong leg kicks before Dollar takes him to down. Dollar controlled the rest of the round with GNP from Toners guard. The 2nd Round begins with Dollar landing a hard shot that drops Toner. Dollar follows Toner to the mat and works punches to Toners head and body. Toner works to escape but Dollar gains back control and after a couple attempts set up by punches Dollar sinks in a RNC and submits Toner at 2:00 of the 2nd Round.

Chris Holland vs Phil Baroni

After all of the talk and interviews it was finally time for these warriors to step in the cage and back it all up. Baroni makes his way to the ring in a leather jacket and sunglasses with the swagger that is to be expected from the “New York Bad Ass”. Holland spends a couple extra minutes at the fighter entry with his team taking in the energy from the crowd and getting pumped up. After the ring announcer finishes his duty and the cage is locked it’s time to get down to business. The 1st Round begins with the fighters trading hard punches and Holland mixing in some strong kicks. Baroni changes levels and shoots a successful double leg taking Holland down. Baroni works some strong GNP before Holland escapes and works back to his feet. They trade a few more combinations before Baroni takes Holland down again working some very effective GNP. Holland works back to his feet with blood running down the left side of his face. On their feet Baroni gets the upper hand in trading punches until the round ends. Round 2  begins with a much more aggressive Holland landing strong combinations and shutting down several takedown attempts from Baroni. Holland works a string of punches that forces Baroni against the cage. With Baroni against the cage Holland unloads a furry of punches that drops Baroni who tries to grab a leg on the way down. Holland finishes off the hurt Baroni with an onslaught of punches. The referee stops the fight at 2:50 of the 2nd Round declaring Holland the winner by TKO.

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