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Leandro Veal Get’s Ink’d Out


 Where do you train and who are your coaches and training partners?

Grudge Training Center, Trevor Wittman

 What motivated you to become a fighter?

It started off as just a hobby since retiring from football in Sept. and I turned out to like it so here we are.

 What is your nickname?

o vilao/the villin without the A

 Knock’em out or Chokem’  out?

Whichever way he is delivered to me i’ll surprise myself.

 How do you balance fighting with the rest of your life? family, work, spirituality…

Right now it’s hard, because I have a lot of businesses to focus on. but I’ve been blessed with the ability to make time to train. it’s hard, but I love when stuff isn’t easy..


 What’s in your ipod when you are training for a fight?

Marcelo d2, Dead Mau5 ,Pretty Lights, Seu Jorge, Idan Raichel Project ,some lil Wayne, Wiz. I’m all over the map…

 Who is your inspiration?

My friends that have become my family over the years. We have all been through a lot in life and found our way to success. DJ Williams who is one of my closest friends. My family back in brazil who gives me strength all the way from there. some coaches from when I was younger ,who made me strive to be better than I ever thought I could become.


 Best post weigh-in meal?

A big plate of seafood. Damn I can’t wait.

 What’s the best advice you can give your next opponent?

You can’t train for a dude like me. I don’t fight because I have to or because I’ve been raised in that world. I fight because I Can. Amem

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