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Cat Zingano Got Ink’d Out


1. Where do you train and who are your coaches and training partners?

I train with Team Zingano-Black House MMA in Broomfield Colorado. My Coaches are my Husband, Master Mauricio Zingano. Muay Thai legend Sakmongkol, as well as Olympic meddalist Randi Miller. My training partners are Matt Simms, Kevin Hernandez, Cory Kuechler, Dan Bentz, as well as Pro Fighter and former F2W fight of the year opponent, Barb Honchak. I train with all our students and instructors during my camps. The diversity of styles and bodies keeps me challenged and alert. We train very fast paced and are hard to beat, so the level of competition I get from all the students helps me get ready.

2. What motivated you to become a fighter?

I became a fighter because it was the perfect challenge for me. It is art to me, a way to express myself and the perfect outlet. I knew I wanted to fight when Mauricio informed me that there was MMA for girls too. I had wrestled and paid for it my whole life. I couldn’t believe it and I couldn’t wait to get in to it, especially with all the work and enthusiasm I had put in to wrestling, which had never paid off except for experience and good memories.

3. What is your nickname?

My nickname is “Alpha” because I tend to be alpha. I am a leader, not a follower and often have my own unique way of achieving things, however practical or unorthodox it may be. In the cage, I take on the roll of “alpha” , and I believe we are engaged in a battle of survival. For 15minutes, I get to fight for dominance with this person where if we were in the wild, like mammals, we fight for the right of a territory, immediate reward, to the death. Everything endured and felt in MMA is worth that hand raised for 5 seconds. 


4. Knock’em out or Chokem’  out?

I knocked out Takayo Hashi by slam and I tapped Angela Samora with an Anacanda choke, but other than that I’ve never knocked anyone out standing, and the rest I my fights have been TKo’s or submissions. I want a KO standing, that’s my MMA hopeful, purely for the experience.

5. How do you balance fighting with the rest of your life? family, work, spirituality…

Balancing family and training is definitely stretched to the limit. Both make me happy and both have stressors. Routine is very strict and my need for rest, pleasure, and relaxation are all extremely important. I have to have fun and be surrounded by positivity and I am unstoppable.

6. What’s in your ipod when you are training for a fight?

Everything I have on my iPod, someone else put there, it’s hit or miss if I like it and if it motivates me or not. I’m still in the era of “mix tape” haha

7. What is your favorite non fight related pass time?

I like to be outside doing anything. I love playing sports, climbing trees, wrestling in the yard, jumping on the trampoline, camping, getting muddy and hunting. Trying new foods and traveling make me really happy and doing all this while spending time with friends and family.


8.  Who is your inspiration?

I am inspired by my Husband, Mauricio Zingano for the way he is always so strong and has it together. He is so important in so many ways, my rock. Also my son for being brave, curious and always encouraging. They are always on my mind and I am so fortunate to be so loved.

9. Best post weigh-in meal?

Every post weigh in meal is the best meal, I usually just continue to eat everything, like I have never eaten before. It’s no wonder I always gain about 8-15 lbs by fight time. Entree to dessert, I only stop when I’m asleep;)


10. What’s the best advice you can give your next opponent?

My advice is to hold on, this is going to be a rough ride.

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