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Jessica Boisseaux Talks Modeling, Ring Girl Contests, Calendars and Slurred Speech

CLVR.TV: There is rarely an MMA event we don’t see you at here in Colorado. Acting as a model, ring girl, whatever, how did you get into this?

Jessica: I started with the ROF ring girl search at Lucky strike August 2010. I made it to the finals but didn’t win. I was

later contacted by Guy Thompson saying he saw the passion I had for MMA and asked if i would be interested in doing promotional work for his company. I was so excited to do anything involved with MMA I said yes. At times i fill in as a ring girl but most of the time you will see me behind the Inkd out booth yelling at the top of my lungs!

CLVR.TV: What do you love most about MMA?

Jessica: I love the excitement and the energy the building has when a good fight is going on. Sometimes i get a little too excited but i have fun.

CLVR.TV: What is harder, ring girl or model?

Jessica: Definitely modeling, during photo shoots some positions are really hard to maneuver and its a real work out to have to hold those in order to get the right picture. There are days i leave a photo shoot more sore than i would have if i were at the gym for two hours!

CLVR.TV: You’re in a calendar! Tell us about it.

Jessica: Yes I am! Its a company called OH YEAH! productions for passion abundance and excitement! I am Ms. September. You can either purchase it on the website at for 22.95 or contact me for a discount code. I will also be selling them at the Inkd out booth at every fight for 20 dollars and i will sign it!

CLVR.TV: What was that photo shoot like?

Jessica: The shoot for the calendar was with one of my very good friends Jesse Hodge. We actually did a combined shoot for OH YEAH productions calendar and Jesse’s calendar that he is sending over to the troops. It was a lot of fun especially knowing I am helping the troops overseas.

CLVR.TV: What hobbies do you have outside of this?

Jessica: Outside of modeling and MMA, I teach. I am a lead preschool teacher at a private school. I also love to volunteer. My main passion though is working with children with special needs. I do a lot of work with the Special Olympics as well as mile high down syndrome association.

CLVR.TV: Okay, I have to ask. What is up with the tattoos on your chest?

Jessica: (laughing) Most of my tattoos have a very special meaning. The ones on my chest say strength and courage. I went through a lot during my junior year of high school with several deaths among some other stuff. I needed strength and courage during that time. So when i went to get the tattoos I wanted the words closest to my heart hence why they are on my chest!

CLVR.TV: Coolest thing you’ve ever seen at a fight?

Jessica: Coolest thing ever??? Well I have to say it was at the WEC event. The Korean zombie versus George Stoop. It was the second round and Stoop did a high kick to Korean Zombies head. He was KO before he even hit the ground. Greatest KO ever! I also am really inspired by the girls that fight. I love watching them kick some ass. I am even thinking about training :P

CLVR.TV: How do the guys treat you at the events? Pretty polite, or jerks?

Jessica: Depends on how drunk they are LOL. I have a great boyfriend Michael who is really supportive and understanding. Most of them are very polite but i do get the drunks who make crude comments, bark ect. I usually ignore those ones.

CLVR.TV: Give advice to the poor single slobs out there, how can they approach a lady and win?

Jessica: First don’t be a slob (laughing). Second when you approach a pretty girl, its not attractive to be slurring your words and falling over drunk. You need to be yourself and not use cheesy pick up lines. Be respectful. The worst is when i walk by and some one barked at me. It took every ounce of energy i had to walk away from him and not turn around and smack him. Girls like funny. Make them laugh. It helps break the ice. One last thing is smell good! One thing that really gets the heart going is when a girl gets close and you smell amazing makes a girl putty in your hands!


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Cat Zingano Takes Home Colorado MMA Fighter of the Year

Cat Zingano during her acceptance speech at the ATO Colorado MMA Awards, and accepting an award from  Mike Ternes of Ink’d Out. Photos from

By Luke Henderson

At this point there has to be no room left on Cat Zingano’s trophy shelf (or awards room) in her house. Last night, at the Colorado ATO MMA awards, she found out that she would have to make room for one more piece.

Taking home the award for Female Professional Fighter of the Year (sponsored and presented by Ink’d Out Apparel), Zingano make a special point to thank her family and friends for the award.

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